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20150822_091219-1_resizedFor three years, my 21-year-old cat, Hissy Fit, has needed fluids twice a week, blood pressure meds daily and pepcid to calm her occasionally upset stomach. For the first of those years, I took her to the vet for those appointments myself—until it became too traumatic for both of us to keep up that pace. I was a round-the-clock caregiver for my old friend, afraid to leave her alone for any length of time.

For the past two years, Mistie–and 3 Cats and A Dog–have given me the gift of freedom. Because she comes to the house on whatever days I (we) need her, because she loves Hissy Fit nearly as much as I do, because she (and her staff) can be trusted implicitly with my home and belongings and because she has years of experience with all types of pets and their many ailments, I have been able to travel, work late, have a late dinner, see a movie and even find myself in the emergency room—all without worrying that

Hissy Fit won’t get her meds on time or that she’ll have a relapse no one but me would notice; Mistie keeps a watchful eye and she’s quick to respond to phone calls and texts.

There are no real words to thank her for her friendship, loyalty and commitment to me and my dear, fluffy friend. But I can tell others!

-Mary H, Myrtle Beach